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Handmade Bullet jewelry store. Bullet necklaces, bullet bracelets and other handmade fashion accessories made from our non lethal bullets. Actual production rounds ( non-firing ) made into jewelry that you can wear. And best of all, each piece is made by Madison, A ten year old girl with an idea. Read more below...
Bullet Necklaces:
Hand Made in Michigan
EVERY handmade necklace from Madison is made with our first run production materials ( non-firing ). We supply the casings, rubber bullets and drill the holes. We also provide the roping, beads and special make all her springs for finishing accents.
One Size Fits All
Madison makes her necklaces to be adjustable one size fits all. From small to large, the necklace can accomidate anysize neck.
Different Calibers
ANY Caliber round we offer for sale for non-lethal ammunition we also offer to Madison to make necklaces out of. Simply order here, we process the order, she makes your necklace and we ship it out. Simple and one stop shopping.
Special Request
At this time, Madison is just starting out. We will offer as many different choices as we can, but until she gets the hang of it, let's keep those special requests to a minimum
Email Madison at:
info@conceptsinammunition.com ( Subject Header: Madison )


Why does Concepts in Ammunition do this ?
When we were approached to supply the items for her craft, we were taken back at the design and quality of her work. For being so young and wanting to start a business. We felt we should help in every way possible to get her started. You never know. Alittle help now could make a bright future in business later.
Have a question or comment about Madison and her jewelry, email us and we will surely get it to her.
( I am working on her own email address shortly. )
All the bullet necklaces, bracelets and other items coming soon are made by HAND by Madison. She approached Concepts In Ammunition for help with an idea. We saw this idea and offered all our resources to her craft. Concepts In Ammunition donates ALL the materials Madison uses to create her jewelry and processes all her orders for her. 100% of the proceeds after credit card processing and shipping are given directly to her. Her inspiration has inspired us as well. Thank you Madison !
9mm Rubber Bullet, clear roping
9mm Necklace: $ 9.95

380 Rubber Bullet, clear roping
380 Necklace: $ 9.95

40 Caliber Rubber Bullet, black roping
40 Caliber Necklace: $ 9.95

45 Caliber Rubber Bullet, black roping

45 Caliber Necklace: $ 9.95

223 Rubber Bullet, black roping

223 Caliber Necklace: $ 9.95

38 Special Rubber Bullet, black roping
38 Special Necklace: $ 9.95


Less than lethal ammunition can still be deadly if used. NO guarranty that our ammunition is non-lethal as penetration on vulnerable tissue can result in death. ALL ammunition should be treated as live ammunition and kept securely locked away from kids. Concepts In Ammunition takes NO responsibility for the use of it's products and all claims made are made in fact that our ammunition was tested and developed under controlled enviroments. Testing resulted in injury and damage only, sometimes sever in the manner of broken bones and partial penetration. Distance, aim and control may incure these types of injury to the would be target. Rubber Ammunition is NOT a toy. Mis-use can result in death.

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